Do you need music?

Do you need music for your next film, advertisement, documentary, podcast or something completely different? Let me help you.

Composed music

Some examples of music that I have composed, recorded and produced:

Dynaudio Music

I composed and produced all music for this international commercial promoting the amazing new soundsystem, Music, from Dynaudio

Fynbo Foods

I composed and produced the music for a series of videos promoting the Danish marmalade producer, Fynbo Foods. Used both on- and offline.

European capital of culture

We wrote lyrics, composed and produced all music for this film, promoting the Danish west coast. A part of Aarhus being 2017 European Capital of Culture


To celebrate the BMW 3 series anniversary we made this birthday song using sounds sampled from new and old BMWs. It went viral with +700.000 views, and more than 5.000 people sharing.


A big chain of Danish jewellers wanted to make men buy jewellery as a gift during Christmas. We rearranged an old classic "Big Spender" to suit the mood of the film.


I wrote, composed and produced this song, letting the travel company Danski emotionally remind skiers that the best time a year - is ski season.

Music stylist work

Some examples of music that I have researched, licensed and negotiated.


Music by Lydmor & Bon Homme


Music by Kesi

Vero Moda

Music by Postyr


Music by D'Jean & Masonaise

Jack & Jones

Music by Captain Casanova


Music by Mø

How does it work?

Music supervision:

Do you need music for your project?

Do you think it is a jungle to go through licensing, copyright laws, labels, publishers trying to find just the right track that suits your project?
–> Let me help you navigate! Being your music stylist, I will assist you in all areas related to music, whether you need me to write, arrange, produce or license music that suits your needs.

Music composing:

I write, produce and record music for all purposes. Sometimes alone and sometimes in collaboration with great song writers and producers.

Music licensing:

If you want to use a piece of music, whether is the original recording or a new version, you need to license it. I can help you sort all aspects of the licensing. Send me an email on or give me a call on +4561375436. I promise to help and guide you.

Who am I?

My name is Rasmus Hamann

I have been working professionally with music for the past 10 years as a musician, a composer, a producer and as a music stylist. My big passion is making music that helps tell a story and I love finding or composing the perfect piece of music to help set the mood in videos.

My experience in both composing and as a music stylist includes working with companies like like Jack & Jones,, BMW, Hummel, ONLY, Vero Moda and Dynaudio.

With a background as a Creative Director in an agency I understand both the commercial and creative part of working with music.

Businesses I have been involved in

Founded the creative music marketing company Knowtheirname.
Co-founded the music studio Tallman Studio.
Partner in the podcast agency Akkurator.
Partner and co-founder of U Agency.

Currently active as a musician in The Shrines

Available tracks

Tracks that are ready to use

Below is a playlist of already recorded tracks that are ready to use. Get in touch if one of the songs suits your project. If not, I will find or compose a track that does.


Get in touch

Whether you have a question or a project you need help with, please give me a call or write me an email.

+45 61375436